• 1969 : Children's Songs from Devon and Cornwall (Cyril Tawney). Argo. Engineer Kevin Daly, produced by John S. Gilbert
  • 1971 : No Roses (Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band)
  • 1971 : The Raven and the Crow (Dave Goudlder and Liz Dyer with Trevor's Crozier Broken Consort, Argo Division of The Decca Record Company, Ltd.)
  • 1972 : A Parcel of Old Crams (Broken consort, Label Argo)
  • 1972 : The plainful plough (Broken consort, album collectif, Topic/Impact Records IMP) Piste 6 (The Owslebury Lads) et 8 (We poor labouring men).
  • 1973 : Giles Farnaby's Dream Band (Avec St. George's Conzona et The Druids, Jeff Clyne, Dave MacRae, Trevor Tomkins.
  • 1973 : The world of folk, vol. 2 (compilation de 14 artistes)
  • 1974 : The Gentle Sound of the Dulcimer (Roger Nicholson, Argo ZDA204)
  • 1974 : Lyonesse (Label Pathé-Marconi, distribution Gwendal).
  • 1975 : Bonedoù Ruz (Gweltaz ar Fur, édition Musidisc-Europe)
  • 1977 : Trouble over Bridgewater (Label Emi One-Up, producteur Bob Baratt)
  • 1977 : Celtic Legends - The best of Lyonesse (EMI PDU, Lugano, Italie)
  • 2003 : Dapper Dan (piste 9 d'une compilation de ukulele de Ian Withcomb, The cats meow).
  • 2008 : Let's all go to the Music Hall, vol. 1 (piste A2 : Sam Hall). 


A parcel of old crams

Trevor Crozier's Broken Consort 

  1. Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee 
  2. Zummer's Evemen Dance 
  3. Edi Beo Thu Heven Queene 
  4. By Jarge 
  5. Who Liveth So Merry 
  6. Pudden 
  7. Thousands Or More 
  8. If The Piddletrenthide Jugband Hit The Charts
  9. Dead Dog Scrumpy
  10.  Soldiers Three 
  11. The Humours Of Earl's Court
  12. Ungarescha (A Hungarian Dance)
  13. The West Country Wager 
  14. Parson's Farewell and all in a garden green (two Playford "Dancing Master" tunes)
  15. Tavistock Goosey Fair
  16. Farewell She


 Les musiciens. Concertina : Mistress Annie Crozier, Drums, Cymbal : Bob Common , Flûte, Sax tenor, percussion : Doctor Malcolm Perkins, piano forte, Harpsichord, Virginal : Knuckles O'Garrick, Guitare, Concertina, Banjo: Master Vic Gammon, Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica : Trevor Crozier, Mandoline, Trompette, Crumhorn : Sir Roger Bootle, Ukulele : Eli Bickerstaffe, Violin, Bass : David Green.

Trouble over Bridgwater

Trevor Crozier and friends


Enregistré en live au folk-club de Poynton (Cheshire) en 1977. Ingénieurs: Graham Kirkby et Mike Jarret, producteur : Bob Barratt, photographie de couverture : Peter Vernon, design : Feref. 

Ref: EMI One-Up OU 2185

Trevor reprend deux succès du premier disque : Don't tell I, tell 'Ee et le fameux Dead Dog Scrumpy. Chris Joe Beard écrit Trouble over bridgwater qui donne le titre générique de l'album.

  1. amorna (trad, arr. Trevor Crozier )
  2. Dead Dog Scrumpy (Trevor Crozier, Kevin Sheldon)
  3. If The Piddletrenthide Jug Band Hits The Charts (Crozier-Sheldon)
  4. Tavistock Goosey Fayre (C. John Tryhall)
  5. First Medley Of Breton Tunes (trad. arr. Bernard Orhon)
  6. I Like Bananas (Chris Yacih).
  7. The Humours Of Earl's Court (Crozier-Sheldon)
  8. The Mendip Mazurka (Trevor Crozier, Chris Joe Beard)
  9. Trouble Over Bridgwater (Chris Joe Beard)
  10. A Pub With No Beards (Crozier - Shledon)
  11. Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (Crozier -Sheldon)
  12. Jambalaya (On The Bayou/Hank Williams)
  13. Teeth (Bill Oddie). 


Les musiciens : Barry Dransfield (violon), Vic Gammon (The Etchingham Steam Band) au mélodéon, Tony Moss (Purple Gang) à la basse, Chris Joe Beard à la guitare et Bernard Orhon (biniou braz).

Sur l'album, Tavistock goosey fayre est présenté comme un traditionnel arrangé par Trevor Crozier. Or ce morceau humoristique de West country fut écrit par C. John Trythall et publié en 1912. Tony Rose l'a chanté en 1970 sur son premier album, Young Hunting. La chanson se termine en précisant que les protagonistes eurent à marcher 13 miles pour revenir de la foire aux oies de Tavistock. "So us had to traipse home thirteen mile from Tavistock Goosey Fair." Trevor racontait qu'il existait une version dans le Nord-Est de l'Angleterre présentant exactement les mêmes paroles sauf la fin.Là, on avait à accomplir 430 miles. "We had to traipse home four hundred and thirty miles..."



A1 Waltz for Ker-Is - A2 J'ai fait faire un bateau sur mer  - A3 Lonesome boatman- A4 Aimez-moi sans danger- A5 Planxty mistress judge

 B1 The lark in the morning- B2 searching for lambs / Brian Boru's march- B3 Three knights- B4 Johnson.

Les musiciens. Bass Guitar : Gérard Lavigne - Bombarde : André Thomas, Job Philippe - Dulcimer, Vocals : Mireille Ben - Electric Guitar : Gérard Lavigne - Harmonica, Vocals : Trevor Crozier - Harp : Job Philippe - Keyboards : Pietro Bianchi - Percussion, Dulcimer : Gégé 

Celtic legends

The best of Lyonesse


Dans cette compilation parue en 1977, Trevor est présent dans quatre morceaux.

Waltz For Ker Is. Vocals, Pandora, Harmonica : Trevor Crozier. Bombarde, Biniou, Bodhrán : André Thomas. Dulcimer Pandora, Percussion : Gérard Lhomme. Guitare électrique, Basse ! Gérard Lavigne. Harpe celtique, Bombarde, Biniou : Job Philippe. Claviers, Violon, Percussion : Pietro Bianchi. Vocals, Dulcimer : Mireille Ben

Brian Boru's March, Planxty Mistress Judge, Lonesome Boatman : configuration analogue.


Giles Farnaby's dream band

1973 - 2004


1 The Hare’s Maggot (trad. arr Gammon)
2 Rufty Tufty/Beau Stratagem/Apply House (trad. arr Gammon)
3 The Hole In The Wall/The Chirping Of The Nightingale (trad. arr Sothcott)
4 Pastime With Good Company (Henry VIII arr Adams/Sothcott)
5 Daphne (trad. arrSothcott)/Nonsuch/Jack Maggot/Childgrove (trad. arr Gammon)
6 Shrewsbury Lasses (trad. arr Sothcott)
7 Newcastle Brown (Sothcott/Daly)
8 Helston Furry Dance (vocal Trevor Crozier)/Picking Of Sticks/The Butterfly (trad. arr Sothcott)

St George’s Canzona:
Frank Grubb – rebec, recorder
John Grubb – lute, harpsichord
Derek Harrison – rebec
John Lawes – crumhorn, recorder
Mike Oxenham – crumhorn, clarinet, curtal, recorders
John Sothcott – citole, crumhorn, rebec, recorders, whistle
Leila Ward – crumhorn, recorders

Trevor Crozier’s Broken Consort:
Trevor Crozier – vocals, banjo, cittern, guitar, harmonica, mandolin
Annie Crozier – concertina, bowed psaltery
Vic Gammon – concertina, guitar

1 The Indian Queen (trad. arr Sothcott)
2 The Happy Clown (trad. arr Sothcott)
3 Ratcliffe Highway (trad. arr Adams/Sothcott)
4 The Twenty Ninth Of May (trad. arr Sothcott)
5 The Black Nag/Poor Robin’s Maggot/Greensleeves (trad. arr Gammon)
6 Portabella (trad. arr Sothcott)
7 The Draper’s Maggot (trad. arr. Grubb)/Tower Hill (trad. Arr. Grubb)
8 Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot (trad. arr Gammon) /The British Toper/Londons Glory (trad. arr. Sothcott)

The Druids – vocals
Judi Longden
Keith Kendrick
John Adams
Mick Hennessy

Jeff Clyne – bass guitar
Dave MacRae – electric piano
Trevor Tomkins – drums, percussion

The song ‘Newcastle Brown’ was subsequently released as a single (Argo, AFW112, 1973).

The album was reissued as a CD in 2004 (Walhalla, WH90324, 2004)

Producer Kevin Daly’s sleeve notes

“Giles Farnaby’s Dream Band make an entirely new medieval-electric sound. Formed by linking the medieval St George’s Canzona with the folk trio Broken Consort, the resulting band brings together early and present day instruments in imaginative and unique performances of some of the most tuneful and infectious music of all time.

“Most of the titles on this album are taken from ‘The English Dancing Master, published by John Playford, Britain’s first ever music publisher. The Tin Pan Alley of 1655 was situated near the Temple Church in London, and it was from a tiny shop near the church door that Playford’s publications were sold.

“The English Dancing Master or ‘Plaine and easie rules for the dancing of country dances, with the tune to each dance’ was first published in 1651, during the period of Oliver Cromwell’s Puritan Commonwealth. It was an austere time, with most of the old customs forbidden: dancing, profane singing, wakes, revels, ringing of bells, maypoles were all banned as dangerous to the security of the nation, and it seems a curious time to publish a collection of dance music. Playford’s own explanation was simple…’I publish this book lest the tunes be forgot’…

“The volume was immediately successful and went into several editions over the next twenty years (in fact it is still in print today). A possible reason for its popularity might have been that although Parliament abolished most forms of merry making, the Lord Protector himself seems to have enjoyed the occasional revel and given dancing a subdued show of approval…

“14th November 1657: ‘On Wednesday last was my Lord Protector’s daughter married to the Earl of Warwick’s grandson; and on Thursday was the wedding feast kept at Whitehall, where they had 48 violins, 50 trumpets and much mirthe with frolics, besides mixed dancing (a thing heretofore accounted profane) till five of the clock yesterday morning.’

“The first West End appearance of Giles Farnaby’s Dream Band.”


Sorti en février 2019, l'album Farewell He est un hommage à Trevor Crozier, un musicien plus grand que nature né à Southampton, qui a vécu et joué en Cornouailles, en Bretagne, à Poynton et qui est décédé tragiquement accident au Malawi. Trevor faisait partie de la scène scrumpy et western de Cornwall et était ami avec les Yetties et les Wurzels.
Trevor a travaillé avec plusieurs de nos poids lourds de la musique traditionnelle. Il a passé quelque temps à Poynton, où il s'est produit en duo avec Joe Beard (The Purple Gang).
Cet album est un hommage à la mémoire de cet homme et à ses nombreux amis et admirateurs qui ont aimablement fait don de morceaux. Maddy Prior, Mike Harding, Lea Nicholson et Naomi Randall, John The Fish, Liz Dyer, The Druids, Vic Gammon (qui faisait partie du groupe de Trevor Broken Consort), Paul James de Blowzabella, Shelley Rainey et Benny Graham sont tous ici présents. comme Joe Beard et Gerry Robinson (tous deux du groupe original Purple Gang). Epona MC Mike Billington fait également quelques apparitions.
24 pistes au total font de ce CD un bon rapport qualité-prix. (10 livres) Le lien : https://www.eponarecords.com/?product=farewell-he
Tablatures de Ciaran Crozier, fils de Trevor et Bill Leader. 

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